About Us

Legend whispers the tale of a young sailor, whose fortune was read by a gypsy: “Just beyond 20 years, your innate gift, your inherent talent will come to life in all its richness, beauty, and strength for everyone to see. Then you shall share your creations, spread your experience and knowledge in liquid form throughout the land…for my gypsy soul knows, you have been chosen to pour good fortune in every cup that ever shall be.”

Okay, the real story is this: Back in the early 1990s, on a Sunday night at a brewpub in Portland, Oregon, our brewer, Eric, met his future wife, Heather. Their love of craft beer led them to a home-brewing course and once married, spent the next 20+ years moving from coast, to coast, and places in between, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard. At all locations, Eric continued to brew, learn, refine, tweak, and brew more. The military lifestyle is nomadic and with gypsy blood in Heather’s veins the name Gypsy Brewing Company was an obvious choice.

The gypsies have settled in Southern Maryland and opened a brewery. We are a small, veteran-owned production brewery in Calvert County. Beers are influenced by historic styles, local ingredients, and just plain experimentation. We have no tasting room, so the best way to get Gypsy beer is at local Southern Maryland retail outlets, restaurants, and through home delivery.
We at the Gypsy Brewing Company are thrilled to be a part of the vibrant Maryland beer scene and spreading our good fortune one glass at a time. Cheers!