Gypsy Brewing Company

Brewing Great Beer in Calvert County, Maryland

What We Brew

Keelhauler Double Cream Ale

Alcohol 8.7% By Volume
IBU 35

Some Gave

Alcohol 6.5% By Volume
IBU 65


Alcohol 4.5% By Volume
IBU 12


Alcohol 5.2% By Volume
IBU 20

All Gave

Alcohol 5.2% By Volume
IBU 43

Imperial Stout

Alcohol 10% By Volume
IBU 60


Gypsy Brewing

Legend whispers the tale of a young sailor, whose fortune was read by a gypsy: “Just beyond 20 years, your innate gift, your inherent talent will come to life in all its richness, beauty, and strength for everyone to see. Then you shall share your creations, spread your experience and knowledge in liquid form throughout the land…for my gypsy soul knows, you have been chosen to pour good fortune in every cup that ever shall be.”