Gypsy Brewing Company

Brewing Great Beer in Calvert County, Maryland

What We Brew

All Gave Some

ALC/VOL 5.2%
IBU 43


IBU 60

Smokey Porter

ALC/VOL 5.5%
IBU 34


Gypsy Brewing

In the early 1990s, on a Sunday night at a brewpub in the Pacific Northwest, our brewer, Eric, met his future wife, Heather, and their love of craft beer led them to a home-brewing course. Once married, they spent the next 20+ years, courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard, traversing from coast to coast and places in between. At all locations, Eric continued to brew beer, learn, refine, tweak, and brew more. With their nomadic military lifestyle and an affinity for musical artists that sing about Gypsies (Tramps and Thieves) the moniker Gypsy Brewing Company was born.